Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How is your "Change" spelled?

So, here we are on March 24th, two months into the historic presidency of Barak Obama. The man who vowed to bring change not only to Washington, but to the entire country as well.

Obama appears to be fulfilling his promise.

I’m just wondering if the change this President is orchestrating is what 26 million Americans were expecting when they cast their votes for him.

What we know so far is that President Obama’s change will include universal health care (run by the government); a college education for anyone who wants one (paid for by the government); a punitive energy policy (run by the government, but paid for by every American through higher heating oil and gasoline prices); and the largest Public Works endeavor in the history of this nation (run by the government and paid for by our sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, great grandsons and ...).

Okay, so we’re not that surprised that a liberal Democrat who posed as a “centrist” to get elected … like, for instance, Bill Clinton … would attempt to flex his muscles on the heels of an electoral “mandate”. And we’re not surprised this muscle flexing includes socialized medicine, socialized education and socialized public works.

What we are surprised about … and perhaps those 26 million who voted Democratic are surprised about … is that now this President is asking for the power to seize American business.

No, not just nationalize the American banking system, which has already begun.

No, now the reports out of Washington are that President Obama wants to give the Secretary of the Treasury the power to seize American businesses and to enforce a limit on compensation for executives. Not just businesses that have accepted some of the $700 billion bailout bribery – but any business the Secretary thought could create a problem for the economy should it fail. Not just executives who are on the government take, but any executive.

Now it appears as if President Obama's change will include socialized banking and socialized business … the government telling us who should survive, and how much they should make while they’re doing it.

Okay … I’m just being paranoid, right? The last time I wrote about Obama Socialism here, I got roasted on several fronts.

But, listen to this.

Dick Morris was on one of the talking-head shows after the President’s news conference. This is the Dick Morris who was the brains behind the Clinton campaigns and President Clinton’s closest advisor. A conservative Republican he is not.

So, this is what Dick Morris said about President Obama’s plans for change. Morris said the President wants to make a good show of trying to save the economy, but he wants to fail. He’s planning to fail. Then, when the country is in a real crisis, on the brink of disaster, Obama Socialism will come in like a flood to save the day.

That’s what Bill Clinton’s closest advisor said Tuesday night on national television.

President Obama held a news conference last night for one purpose … to put pressure on Congress to pass his proposed budget. He called it the centerpiece of the economic recovery program.

Good faith estimates from the Congressional Budget Office indicate the President’s proposed budget will add $1 trillion more, each year, to the federal deficit for the next ten years and beyond. That our interest payments on the national debt will be $800 billion dollars a year. Just the interest.

Barak Obama’s budget will bankrupt the country. No nation can afford to throw $1 trillion into the black hole of economic stimulus … see one-third of the nation’s wealth evaporate … then pay for socialized medicine, socialized education, socialized banks, socialized business and the largest public works project in our history.

Perhaps Dick Morris is wrong. Perhaps President Obama is not willfully steering this nation into catastrophe. Perhaps he is not planning to destroy this nation so he can rebuild it in his own image.

Whether Barak Obama is acting willfully to bring this country to its knees or not, he is clearly focused on accomplishing the change that he pledged to bring to this nation.

Change that is spelled r-e-v-o-l-u-t-i-o-n.

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Carma's Window said...

Obama is the dog who caught the fire truck. Now what? He turns it over to incompetent people because Obama does not know what to do. He only had 4 years of actual experience.

Either the people who voted for Obama are not paying attention because they hate Bush so much or Obama's backers are laughing their heads off at the American people.

I did not vote for Obama but I feel insulted. He has insulted every American that has hope. I want the President of the United States to succeed but as long as he fails to put the people first, he will not succeed. He really doesn't care if he only lasts 4 years because as long as he accomplishes one of his agendas he will be happy. He has already made history, what else can he do?

May God protect the U.S.A. We need to pray very hard and often for the Christian leaders who do still work in Washington or at least the ones with a conscience.