Thursday, April 23, 2009

April Newsletter - Home Stretch

Finally looks like Spring, eh? Well, I’ve finally come up for air after a marathon season of editing for The Sacred Cipher.

Ever since I sent out the February Newsletter I’ve been under the gun with the editing process. At one stretch, I worked on the edits for the book every day for three weeks straight.

The result is that the book is better now than ever … and it’s still scheduled for a July 31 release date.

I was working with a dynamite editor at Kregel Publications, who really challenged me and my writing. The toughest challenge was in building more richly developed characters, and then strengthening each character’s motivation … why they were doing what they were doing. And then there were a gazillion different edits, fixes and rewrites of sections.

I just went through another week of work on the second round of edits. This time, a different editor reviewed the manuscript and found things we missed the previous round.

But it’s still the same story. The characters are just more real.

And now, the editing is DONE! Yeah! And the book has been sent off to the design department who will develop the inside design and layout of the pages. The book will go to press sometime in May or early June.

And be in your bookstores in July! If you want to get psyched, you can click on the trailer link below just to check out the 30 second trailer.

But here’s what I need you to do. And there will be more about this next month.

Identify the person or persons in your life who operate in lots of different circles – who know lots of different people. Talk to that person about The Sacred Cipher. Tell them how great a book it’s going to be (there you’ll have to take a step of faith).

And … ask that person to talk to their friends about the book. That is the best way to get Buzz going, and Buzz sells books.

The second thing you can do … if you are inclined … would be to join fan clubs, chat rooms, blogs, facebook groups for things like The DaVinci Code, or Bourne Identity and other Bourne movies, or Indiana Jones, or something in that vein. And then talk it up about, “This great new book that’s about to come out. It’s a lot like The DaVinci Code (or ????) …” That’s another great way to help get the word out.

And, if you are wondering what to say about the book, send me an email ( and I'll send you the Synopsis so you can brush up on the content. Hey … you guys are going to love this story. It’s a great summer read.

Thanks for your interest … and all your help.

Catch you next month.

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